Meet Elaine (South Lyon)

We sat down with Rathmor Park Sales Manager Elaine Herbst to learn about her and our South Lyon community, Rathmor Park.

How long have you worked at HP Homes? Almost 14 years. I started in Knightsbridge Gate in Novi and have sold six additional communities for HP Homes!

What sets Rathmor Park apart from other communities? The quality of the homes and customization that we allow for our customers. HP Homes allows these modifications so that each customer has the chance to achieve their dream home. The customer comes first!

Rathmor Park is a beautiful neighborhood full of wonderful people. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to build relationships with many of them during the building process of their new home. Our Rathmor Park homeowners enjoy the convenient location; close to all major expressways, Kroger and Meijer grocery stores, shopping at Twelve Oaks Mall. Emagine Theater and other local shops. The restaurants around the area are great too – Bravo, Mitchells, Andiamo’s, Steve and Rockys and many more. Rathmor Park is close to downtown Northville Novi and Milford.

south lyon kitchen.jpg

Tell us about your day to day. Each day is a little different which keeps me on my toes. I am always greeting new people looking for just the right home, as well as helping existing customers with decorative selections or just answering questions. I meet with the construction management to obtain construction updates to give to the customers. Keeping the customers involved in the building process is very important.


What do you do like to do when you’re not working? I spend time with my family. I have a husband, three daughters, and three grandchildren- they all keep me very busy!


If you could use one word to describe HP Homes, what would it be? Quality first, personal design and value. I believe Hunter Pasteur Homes truly goes out of their way to build houses that our homeowners are proud to call their home. 

What are some trends your seeing during the Selections Process? The trends are unique in each community. In Rathmor Park, I am seeing a lot of white cabinets in kitchens with an accent color for the island. Most homeowners are using quartz countertops in their kitchens and bathrooms. We are also seeing expansive stone fireplaces that extend to the second-floor ceiling. We highlight it in our model; which has been a very popular option.

How do you and your team make the Selections Process less overwhelming? It is important that we don’t rush people through the process so, we set multiple appointments. We believe that the process should be fun! These are very important decisions, so we take it one room at a time. We lay out all of their options during their appointments and prior to finalizing everything and signing off. This allows them to see a glimpse as to how each room will affect the entire house. I tell everyone that their first instincts are usually the right ones. Most people always end up going with them. Being Patient helps; My kids tell me that is my best quality.


What is your favorite part of the house to customize when working on the Selections Process? I don’t really have a favorite room, because each is room is so important. If I had to pick, it would either be the kitchen or owners bathroom. Most homeowners feel that those two rooms are the most important. They usually have a vision of what they want it to look like. It is so fun for me to see what everyone chooses. Every house is different, and I enjoy watching them all come to life.

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