6 Fun Facts About Michigan’s Great Lakes

Michigan is surrounded by The Great Lakes. As a result, Michigan’s weather is significantly impacted by the Great Lakes. And as a result, the lakes create favorable environments for growing agricultural products such as blueberries, cherries, and grapes for juices and wines. The lakes also create beautiful beaches and fun times for Michiganders. FACT 1: Lake [...]

Meet Jason

Meet Jason Minock, Hunter Pasteur Homes VP of Operations and Development! Our homeowners love working with him, and so do we! How long have you worked at HP Homes?  I've worked at Hunter Pasteur Homes since June 2018, but I've spent the past 18 years in the new construction business. What is your role? My title is Vice President of [...]

Practical & Timeless Kitchen Trends

Practical & Timeless Kitchen Trends

Often times, Hunter Pasteur homeowners are most excited to build their dream kitchens. Over the years, we’ve noticed these practical & timeless kitchen trends: Open Kitchen Layout. An open layout is consistently requested because it’s ideal for causal family living and easy entertaining. An open layout creates a fluid living space between the kitchen and [...]