Outdoor Safety Tips

Tis the season to take advantage of your backyard, and spend time outdoors with your family and friends. While we love all that our homes’ backyards have to offer on long summer days,  we also know that too much time outdoors can lead to some summer risks. Below are 5 outdoor safety tips. Stay Hydrated Drink [...]

Meet Wendy!

We sat down with HP Homes veteran, Wendy, to learn about her role at the company. What do you do for HP Homes? My title is Controller. I am responsible for the financial transactions of our companies, along with other office responsibilities. I handle our human resources, annual taxes in coordination with our accountants, support our [...]

6 Fun Facts About Michigan’s Great Lakes

Michigan is surrounded by The Great Lakes. As a result, Michigan’s weather is significantly impacted by the Great Lakes. And as a result, the lakes create favorable environments for growing agricultural products such as blueberries, cherries, and grapes for juices and wines. The lakes also create beautiful beaches and fun times for Michiganders. FACT 1: Lake [...]

Try These Detroit Restaurants!

Try These Detroit Restaurants!

Take advantage of the long weekend ahead, and dine out in Detroit. Below is a list of our favorite restaurants in Detroit, many in CityModern’s and Pullman Parc’s backyards! El Barzon If you like Italian food and you like Mexican food, you will love El Barzon! This Detroit spot is perfect for a group celebration. Pleasing picky [...]

Meet Merge Architects!

Meet Merge Architects!

We caught up with MERGE Architects to talk about our partnership and their work at Brush Park's City Modern and Lafayette Park's Pullman Parc. MERGE Architects is an emerging architectural practice in which the work uncovers and capitalizes on opportunities for invention in the ordinary. MERGE Architects works closely with their partners to produce an [...]

Meet Brenda!

We sat down with our Baron Estates Sales Manager Brenda, to learn more about her and our Bloomfield Hills community. How long have you worked with Hunter Pasteur Homes, and what do you do? Approximately 4 years.  I started out assisting internally with the Selection Process then began working as a Sales Manager in our Bloomfield Hills community. I [...]